Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crazy momma in room 3

Not even a year ago my  youngest son was diagnosed with autism.

Today I took him (the prince) to the dentist.

If you would of walked by the room this is what you would of seen...

A very white, crazy mother standing over a big, cute, brown boy.... singing, dancing, waving mickey mouse above the light, juggling his sticker chart (to reward him for every 2-3 minutes of sitting), clapping, sweating, making a lot of facial expressions, putting play dough in his hands (for sensory), using the (LOUD) rain stick (for sensory) and trying to take some pictures to prove to the world what we accomplished!!!


Come to think of it.... this may of been why the staff kept poking their heads in!!
"what is happening in room 3???"

I kept thanking the staff over and over but i don't think they truly know how very thankful I am for such tolerance, accommodation and grace.

This is why I am taking them a "thank you" card with a box of chocolate covered strawberries!!! HA!!

I wish I could thank their (the staff's) mothers! Somebody taught them how to have compassion on those who need it. Someone taught them how to bend instead of being rigid against the wind! Someone spoke love and life into them! Not to mention the great leadership and direction of the dentist in charge :)

The world often does not understand my sweet prince.

Too often we are overwhelmed with judging glances, shocking stares, ignorant comments and places that do NOT cater to special needs.

Every day I have to have a plan for the simple tasks in life.

The prince cannot walk beside me while grocery shopping and my big boy is getting wayyyyyyy to big for the grocery cart. Before long his feet will be dragging the ground and he will be scooting away from me with my groceries!!

The prince cannot go to a restaurant with out humming loudly, head banging against the seat, throwing something across the room or making strange noises.

The PRINCE LOVES TO RUN. So if you ever see me in public and I seem distant or rushed it is most likely because I am trying to hold tight to the princes' hand while anticipating any sudden, strange or dangerous behaviors. He has ran into the road, ran out of buildings, ran into crowds and even into a closing elevator!!

OH my heart be still!!!!!!

Im probably giving you anxiety reading this :)


Last night he fell asleep beside me and I thanked  God for such a gift as my prince...

What have I done to deserve such a jewel????

I cannot explain in words the vast joy and fulfillment and love I experience in being his mother.

So when you see me in public...
even though I am sweating, singing, juggling, calming or even letting a bad behavior "go"

don't pity me, judge me, shun me, over compliment me or stare at me :)

Just let me be...

smile at me...

accept me..

and know that when you are feeling sorry or judging me that I am doing the same for you :)

If you only knew this kind of love.....
 I hope you do someday

To those of you like my sweet dentist and his amazing staff...i love you....thank you...

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