Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Green pumpkin Picker

I have been wanting to blog again mostly because I love adoption.

My previous blog, through the work of the Spirit has reached many people and has given me many opportunities to speak into lives, plant seeds and in many cases watch them grow!  I am blessed because of this! I am very excited to continue blogging in great hope that this blog will reach others. I will spend the rest of my life proclaiming the riches of adoption! I will go through this life sharing, praying, seeking, hoping, loving and adopting. All for the Glory of God who through His son Jesus Christ died so that I could receive new life! 

Through faith five years ago we began our adoption journey. 
We adopted Wild eyes first (a little girl)
Then The Prince came along (a little baby boy)
A year and half later we were blessed again! This time we were blessed with a sibling group
Bruiser (a boy) and Beanie (our youngest girl)

For privacy reasons I will refer to them by some very fitting nicknames :)

I hope you will...
enjoy hearing my heart
laugh at my stories
relate to me
be challenged
cry with me
hope with me
be changed
be encouraged

RESIST Normalcy

Once when I was a little girl my mother took me to a pumpkin patch. Of all the pumpkins I chose a ugly green one. Why? Because who would want a green pumpkin?  I just kept thinking about how nobody could ever possibly want a green pumpkin! I didn't want it to be alone :)

Be green pumpkin pickers!!

Yay for a new season of blogging!!!

normality |nôrˈmalitē(also normalcy |ˈnôrməlsē)nounthe condition of being normal; the state of being usual, typical, or expected:

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